28 Jan 2014


Present: Allen Baker, Johan van Veelen, Dirk Briel, Doug Kennedy

Absent: Justy Varkevisser, Rowan Shrives, Mitford Collett

1. Currently only 30% of the money required for TV coverage has been secured from
sponsors. No TV coverage for now.

2. Any suggestion or help from participants with regards to identifying and securing
additional sponsorship would be appreciated in this regard.

3. Rapala VMC turned down our request for any sponsorship.

4. Currently R244k in bank.

5. 11 Teams have not paid as yet. Awaiting response on mail send to them this morning
regarding payment.

6. If all teams have paid their entry fees and excluding sponsorship money, we will be able

to just cover our expenses for this year.

7. Varkenelli Customs will once again sponsor the weigh station and Viper Doors the

8. Netspace will again sponsor the Website and score board

9. Mercury Marine, Bark Unlimited and Solly’s anglers are our monthly sponsors  of R15000 per event.

10. Bocal Africa will sponsor the biggest fish prize by R1000 per event

11. Wolverine will sponsor 2 pairs of shoes per event.

12. Allen will speak to M&M Construction and WOF regarding possible sponsorships.

13. The weight of all fish weighed during the competition will be instantly verified by a
sms to both team members. This new feature will also make it possible to contact all
participants (emergency) during a competition, provided we have sufficient network

14. Until full sponsorship for TV shows has been secured, we will produce our own video
from GoPro recordings, which will be published via the social media on the internet, with
full exposure to our current sponsors.

15. We will purchase 2 GoPro cameras to record footage for the videos. One will be used
at the weigh-station and the other one will be on a boat roaming on the water. Johan
van Veelen from F1 Grand Prix is not fishing the first few comps, so he will be moving
around making recordings.

16. The Committee also requests all participants who own a GoPro to take footage during
the competition, which could be incorporated into this production. Clips of this footage
will also be published separately as part of Ebass competition on You Tube, with a
monthly prize money of R 1 000 up for grabs, for the clip attracting the most Likes for the

17. Participants, who have access to a GoPro and are prepared to record footage during the
competition, should inform the committee ASAP, so that the necessary SD cards can be

18. The team, whose clip attracts the most Likes by end of the October event, will win a
qualifying spot for the finals in November.

19. Allan will publish Solly’s and Mercury’s logos on the website billboard.

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