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F1 Grand Prix Tours

F1 Grand Prix Tours is proud of the quality and competitiveness of the F1 Grand Prix and other motorsport tour packages it has on offer for the 2019 season. We are professional and experienced motor racing tour providers, who are determined to design and to offer you the best and most convenient F1 Grand Prix tour packages and race tickets, at an affordable ... More

Bark Unlimited Organics

Bark Unlimited Organics, a division of Varing Kwekery, was founded in 1984 by the owner, Jan W Lubbinge, and has grown to become one of the most efficient organic suppliers to the horticultural industry. Our product range consists of the following products; Acid Mix, African Violet Mix, Bark Chips, Bark Nuggets, Bark Mulch, Canadian Peat, Clivia Mix, ... More


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World of Fishing

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Escape Boating

With over 20 years of experience in building the finest inland waters and offshore boats, Escape Boating offers an exciting range of fibreglass bass boats, ski-boats and deep-sea boats, including a full range of accessories and outboard motors. Our boats are in use throughout South Africa and as far afield as Australia and Hong-Kong, and are renowned for ... More

THE EBASS TRAIL – Mokolo Dam 2016

Report by Ben Alborough. Mokolo dam is one of the few pristine dams we get to fish on the trail, and we knew it was going to be a bit more difficult than normal to get good size bags with the water levels being as low as they were. Having a camera handy to capture structure not previously visible at normal water levels can also give you a serious ... More

Rust de Winter

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THE EBASS TRAIL – Rust De Winter Dam 2016

Report by Ben Alborough. Visuals Dirk Briel With very low water levels, an incredibly hot summer, and a drastic change from the “normal” grassy salad bowl, Rust De Winter was going to be a tough venue to fish. The well organized start saw teams racing to their favourite spots, and with Rust de Winter being a relatively small dam, some teams had to ... More

Vaal River

Vaal river teaser video – not yet the final product, but something to wet your appetite on what is in the pipeline! More

THE EBASS TRAIL – Vaal River 2016

Report by Ben Alborough. Images Dirk Briel The first competition on the trail for the year saw a good complement of teams in attendance, and with the showing of the trail on TV’s OpenView, it’s a great opportunity for teams to promote their sponsors too. Impeccably organized, the start went off without any hitches, and some teams made long runs ... More