Bark Unlimited Organics

Bark Unlimited Organics, a division of Varing Kwekery, was founded in 1984 by the owner, Jan W Lubbinge, and has grown to become one of the most efficient organic suppliers to the horticultural industry.

Our product range consists of the following products; Acid Mix, African Violet Mix, Bark Chips, Bark Nuggets, Bark Mulch, Canadian Peat, Clivia Mix, Coco Peat, Compost, Cycad Mix, Green Eucalyptus Mulch, Red Eucalyptus Mulch, Germination Mix, Herb Mix, Kraal Manure, Lawn Dressing, Macadamia Nut Shells, Orchid Mix, Peanur Shells, Perlite, Pine Shavings, Indoor Potting Soil, Outdoor Potting Soil, Rose Mix, Seedling Soil, Vermiculite and Wood Fines.

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