Mwas Systems

EBASS would like to welcome aboard Mwas Systems as a 2019 sponsor. Mwas Systems , a CNC machine shop, is owned and managed by MW one of our Ebass competitors. MW has committed to sponsoring 2 trolling motor billet nuts, which will be part of each lucky draw at every EBASS event. Winners will have a choice between ... More

Bite Me Baits CC

Bite Me Baits started making baits in 2011 hand pouring ever single bait by hand. We have currently more that 30 types of baits available in different sizes with more that 50 colors available. Contact Bite Me Baits CC at: 0832896124 More


Since starting our business in 2000, Doors R Us have built our reputation as one of the premier suppliers of quality kitchen and cabinet doors (and related products), to contractors, carpenters and corporations in South Africa.  More

The Gearbox Company

WE SPECIALIZE IN LAND ROVER ,BMW & JAGUAR TRANSMISSIONS Sean Riley heads up our dedicated and highly skilled team. The Gearbox Company team will always provide you with expert advice when it comes to your vehicles differentials, gearboxes, clutches and wheel bearings. Whatever advice you require, our team is ... More



Kings Butchery

Kings Butchery in Roodepoort is owned and managed by Justin Pontus, a loyal EBASS supporter and angler for many years! Justin and Kings Butchery will be sponsoring / supplying some of his famous Biltong & Droëwors to anglers during weigh-in and prize giving at each EBASS event. What a great idea – thank you ... More

Bob’s Machine SA

Bob's Machine SA has brought innovation to the jack plate market in South Africa and is distributed by Bass Boats SA, which is managed and owned by Shandon Hawman. Shandon has been fishing successfully competitively in South Africa for many years, including the prestigious EBASS series. Bobs Machine SA is proud to sponsor ... More

Go Fish Bait Company

Go Fish Bait Company provides anglers with high quality baits in their preferred custom colours at an affordable price. More

River Cottage

River Cottage is a bed and breakfast guest house situated 1km north of Malelane, Nelspruit, on the southern bank of the Crocodile River overlooking the Kruger National Park. The luxury units in the garden have linen, towels, crockery, cutlery, kettles, a refrigerator, microwave ovens, air-conditioning, MNet, en-suite ... More

F1 Grand Prix Tours

F1 Grand Prix Tours is proud of the quality and competitiveness of the F1 Grand Prix and other motorsport tour packages it has on offer for the 2019 season. We are professional and experienced motor racing tour providers, who are determined to design and to offer you the best and most convenient F1 Grand Prix tour packages ... More