Coverworx sponsor engine cover

Coverworx – started at the end of 2011 out of the need to find a decent boat cover for myself that cater for my exact needs and requirements. I wanted a boat cover that is UV protected, Waterproof and fits like a glove on my boat, no ballooning while towing and don’t scratch my boat. All I could find is some standard covers that did not fit properly, made out of materials that scratch my boat and did not cater for my requirements.

I decided to try my hand at making my own cover. After many trials and errors I finally had a custom cover that fits my boat like a glove, are UV protected and waterproof, did not scratch my boat and was a pleasure to tow with.The rest is history, many people saw my cover and wanted the same – Coverworx was born.

Coverworx sponsors a engine cover by lucky draw at every event. Thanks Ben

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