Ebass 2022 Day Entry Form


    The day entry fees for all EBASS events are R 700 per team.
    Teams must be in procession of a valid COC (Skippers license) and in date COF (Boat Certificate of Fitness), of which a photo must be uploaded to info@ebass.co.za.

    Banking details will be provided with the e-mail confirming your entry. Please use your team name as a reference and mail a copy of POP


    The pre-competition off-limit period for the series is set at 5 (five) days prior to each tournament and includes the following restrictions:
    • Fishing on the tournament waters.
    • Scanning and mapping of the tournament waters.
    • Receiving any fishing information on the tournament waters from a 3rd party provided the information received was gathered by the 3rd party during the official competition cut-off period.
    • Flying a drone or similar device over the tournament waters.
    Any team that violates the pre-competition off-limit period will be disqualified from the tournament.

    Team Name:
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    Skipper Email:
    Skipper Physical Address:
    Co-angler Name:
    Co-angler Phone Number:
    Co-angler Email:
    Co-Angler Physical Address:
    Bank Name:
    Bank Account Holder:
    Bank Account Number:
    Branch Code:
    Upload COC
    Upload COF

    I hereby confirm that I have read and understand the Indemnity(Details on this website). I further agree to subject myself to the terms and conditions set out there in.
    By clicking SEND you agree that you have read, understand and accept to the EBASS T&C and more specifically:

    1. The EBASS Indemnity
    2. The Ebass Grant of Rights
    3. The 2022 Ebass Tournament Rules