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  1. I hereby irrevocably grant permission to EBASS (Elite Bass Alliance Series) and its affiliates and subsidiaries, to reproduce, display, exhibit, publish, broadcast, distribute, and otherwise use my name, image, nickname, initials, photograph, voice, statements, videos, (collectively, my “Identity”) in materials created in connection with my participation in the 2022 EBASS 2022 Tournament Season (collectively, the “Materials”), alone or with other materials, in connection with the promotion EBASS and any tournaments or other events staged by EBASS, including without limitation, in print, on videos, websites owned by EBASS on third-party websites, in social media channels, in public relations materials and for any lawful purpose in its sole discretion. During tournaments, I agree to comply with all filming promptly and fully, camera location, and other rules, guidelines, and instructions of EBASS.
  2. I hereby warrant that I have the right to make this release and that my granting this release and the rights conveyed thereby will not infringe the rights of any third party. I represent and warrant that I have or shall obtain any rights and permissions from all third parties sponsoring or affiliated with me needed by EBASS (the “Third Party Rights”) to effectuate the grant of rights set forth in paragraph 1. These Third-Party Rights from sponsors and affiliates shall grant EBASS. the right to utilize such third-party logos, insignia, trade dress, or other intellectual property (collectively “Third Party IP”) shown in any Materials featuring me, or otherwise in connection with EBASS’s use of my Identity as set forth in paragraph 1. Provided that such Third-Party IP is only shown in conjunction with my Identity, (for example, on apparel worn by me or on items used by me), EBASS. shall not be required to seek approvals from such Third Parties.
  3. I acknowledge that the EBASS has no obligation to use the Materials or my Identity. I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve any finished product or the use to which it is applied, and I agree no further approval is required for the EBASS to use any Materials or my Identity and that the EBASS will not be liable to me for any distortion or illusionary effect resulting from the exhibition, publication or broadcast of the Materials or my Identity. I acknowledge and agree that no payment or consideration will be due to me for EBASS.’s use of the Materials or my Identity as authorized herein.